Trio DynPEQ V1.3

Wholegrain Digital Systems

Three in one mix-fixer and colorful compression used only by top pros.

$449 Value

Trio DynPEQ V1.3

Trio DynPEQ goes beyond what’s possible in hardware (and even most software) to deliver a unique combination of tools to enhance your mix. Featuring a Parametric EQ, Multi-band Compressor, and Expander all in a single plug-in, Trio DynPEQ is as unique as it sounds. From simple and light compression to deeper, more complex surgical effects, Trio DynPEQ is great for improving drums, vocals, and other input processing. Trio DynPEQ features three bands and one single channel insert allowing for detailed control by combining the functionality of a classic parametric equalizer and dynamics processor into an integrated plug-in. While there are many compressors and EQs, we think DynPEQ has distinct character and deep control to set it apart. The creator is a true genius.

Trio DynPEQ V1.3

Ultimate Reviews

“The DynPEQ plugins perform EQ, compression, de-essing, limiting, and dynamic EQ all in one. They are a Swiss army knife with the precision of a scalpel. They have become my go-to vocal processors.”

Tom Marks

Re-recording mixer Warner Bros. Studios

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