No better plugin to make your mono track sound stereo.

$119 Value


Stereoizer easily adds natural sounding stereo width and depth to any audio recording, mono or stereo, leaving the inherent character of the original source intact. From gentle width adjustments to huge dynamic ambiences that transform your mix, Stereoizer gives impressive results with minimum effort. Watch 7x GRAMMY Award winning producer Darrell Thorp demonstrate Stereoizer’s easy to use visual feedback and logical layout. It’s no wonder Nugen’s Stereoizer is a go-to plug-in for award-winning producers and composers such as Andy Hunter (The Matrix Reloaded, The Italian Job).


Ultimate Reviews

“I keep coming back time & time again to the Stereoizer plugin. Stereoizer gives you great spatial widening whilst keeping the original source sounds how you want to hear them.”

Robbie Bronnimann

Engineer for Chicane, Paul Van Dyk

“The minute I switched on Stereoizer my mix came to life. The track suddenly had more depth, sparkle and width without any phase issues. I tried it on a lead synth and couldn’t believe the energy and life it added just using one of the presets!”

Mr Mig

Remix artist for Beyonce and Akon

“This is easily one of the best widening plug-ins on the market. You can use all that stereo real-estate but keep that mono center. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages.”

Morgan Page

Nettwerk Records

“My favorite plugin at the moment is the Stereoizer. Man, I hate reading manuals, so this one impressed me by just applying it to the master fader with the very first factory preset.”

Robert Williams

Captain Beefheart, John Lydon

“I am really impressed with the Stereoizer, you can be subtle just to help bring space into your mix or you can go completely mad and get some dynamic effects that poke out at you and hit you in the face! A great tool.”

Andy Hunter

The Matrix Reloaded, The Italian Job

Additional Info

Applications for Stereoizer

Mix and Sound Design

  • Expanding narrow stereo spectra
  • Introducing width to mono recordings
  • Enhancing the depth of FX return channels
  • Reigning in over enthusiastic spot FX
  • Creating ‘centre space’
  • Settling ‘forward’ sounds
  • Generating panoramic ambience
  • Adding richness and gloss
  • Re-focussing central solidity
  • Avoiding heavy EQ and/or compression
  • Opening up cluttered frequencies
  • Fixing poorly positioned mic.’s
  • Adding depth, width and space to specific tracks
  • Enlivening static sounds

Mastering, Post & Restoration

  • Natural extrapolation of existing image
  • Frequency specific enhancement
  • Re-balancing
  • Taming eccentric material
  • Re-introduction of natural ambience
  • Firmly define existing stereo spectrum
  • Avoid changing the character with unnecessary EQ
  • Neutral stereo expansion/contraction
  • Subtle blending of inserts and returns
  • Pychoacoustic sweetening of frequency crowns

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