Mastering EQ

Sonic Studio

Completely Transparent, Utterly Matchless, Simply Beautiful.

$495 Value

Mastering EQ

Mastering is about subtle, precise improvements to your mix so that it sounds consistent, clear, and as intended. This Mastering EQ is transparent and rich with options so that you can perfect your final mix or even surgically improved an instrument track. Clean up your low end, reduce unwanted overtones, and shape your mix with this deft sound carving tool.

Mastering EQ

Ultimate Reviews

“What the Sonic Studio Mastering EQ does is nothing short of a miracle.”

Bob Lanzner

Technovoice (George Clinton, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, RZA, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Kim, Ne-Yo)

Additional Info

  • Your EQ should only clarify rather than color sound. And that’s exactly what Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Audio Units plug-in does. Get the most out of any recording without clouding it or adding ‘character’.
  • Transparency is especially important when you need to surgically notch out offending frequencies. Sonic Studio Mastering EQ gives you the confidence to know that you’re effecting only the target frequency and nothing more.
  • 14 different filter shapes for each of 4 EQ nodes.
  • Parametrics, shelving, band pass, notch, RIAA, Emphasis and more
  • Metering & gain control to optimize signal level
  • Integrated dither and word length controls
  • Audio Units compliant; works with soundBlade SE, soundBlade HD and production systems such as Apple Logic, MOTU Digital Performer, REAPER, Abelton and other AU compliant software
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