How To Add Punch And Impact To Your Drums

If you haven’t yet heard of “parallel compression” then this is your lucky day. Parallel compression is often the main trick to add punch and impact to any drum mix.

Parallel compression simply means you mix an unprocessed ‘dry’, or lightly compressed track with a heavily compressed version of the exact same track and you blend them together.

Pro tip: When setting up your stereo aux for parallel compression, turn on follow pan. This is where your main pan controls your aux pan (available in ProTools). This way you ensure your stereo image in the aux matches your stereo image in your main mix.

In this drum mixing tutorial, watch as Darrell Thorp uses the Pusher plug-in from Kush Audio (available in The Ultimate Studio Bundle) on the aux buss for some parallel compression to add more punch and impact to the kick and snare.

Kush Audio – Pusher settings for this mix tip

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