Have you ever been faced with a snare drum tuning that was less than ideal for you mix?

Re-tracking can be an expensive and time consuming process and often our first instinct nowadays is to use a drum sample as a replacement.

If neither of those options are appealing, there are still a few mix tricks that can help…

In this example, we have a snare that is a bit small sounding and it also has a prominent ring that needs to be tamed.

McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ settings for this mix tip

Watch how 7x Grammy winner Darrell Thorp uses a 6020 EQ from McDSP to carve out the offending “ring” frequency and add a little bottom end.

Kush Audio Pusher settings for this mix tip

He uses the Pusher plug-in from Kush Audio to add some attack, impact and consistency to the snare

Softube Abbey Road RS127 settings for this mix tip

He adds the Softube Abbey Road RS127 for a little “air” in the high end.

Kush Audio Clariphonic settings for this mix tip

Lastly to get more snap, Darrell chose the Clariphonic plug-in from Kush Audio and puts it on the bottom mic.

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